be nifty.

nifty communications is a pr & marketing agency with a difference.

why nifty.

- adjective   [INFORMAL]

  1. particularly good, skilful, or effective.

    'nifty footwork'

we're not just another pr & marketing agency. We boast more than 15 years' experience inside top-flight sports, health & fitness, hospitality and the food and drink industries. 

today we combine all that experience to create compelling communications campaigns that hit all your audience's touch points. we call it the niftyverse


all our pr & marketing packages are fuelled by the latest Google data too -  so we can place you in the centre of topical discussion. 

which nifty service are you after?

here's how 

nifty works.

We build imaginative and successful pr campaigns. With more than 15 years’ experience in online and mainstream pr, we're able to design and manage high-impact campaigns that tell your story.

what's the


a niftyverse is an integrated marketing

environment promoting your message anywhere your target audience may see it.

this integrated approach let's us efficiently build engagement, credibility and trust.


we're proud of our

nifty work.

some of our finest moments have included Champions-League,

FA-Cup and Premier-League-winning media management campaigns, social media campaigns, website and app developments, product launches, world-wide events and generating value of more than £300 million for charities, to name a few.




Over the years we've been lucky enough to work with some of the biggest names in sport PR and media, leisure, news, magazines, websites and the third-sector.




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