• Marc Luther Thomas

Three Nifty Tools for the Social Media Guru

With social media omnipresent in our lives, it is important agencies utilise it to the best of their ability to reach new audiences and increase engagement. There are a variety of tools out there which make it easier to do this, and there's a few which we think the social media guru will find useful...


If you have responsibility for running clients’ social media channels, Buffer is a useful tool for managing and scheduling content.

By using its scheduling tool, Buffer enables you to set up posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, to go out on the day itself or weeks and months in advance. If you are looking after a client for which you are sharing a post on more than one channel, Buffer cuts out the cumbersome task of going into each platform and creating your post. Instead, it allows you to write up a post for all of them, before you then customise the post to suit the relevant individual channels (reducing the number of characters to fit in a tweet, or adding a number of hashtags to an Instagram post, for instance).

If your client is active on Twitter, you can also make use of Buffer’s browser extension tool. By installing this, Buffer icons will appear below all tweets in your feed, between the icons for reply and retweet, while viewing Twitter through the browser you installed the add-on for. By clicking on these, you are able to schedule retweets to your client’s feed or add to it yourself to create a quote tweet. This could be particularly useful if you want to draw attention to previous tweets from your client’s account.

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Furthermore, Buffer also provides analytics for your social posts. After a post has been shared through Buffer, you can track metrics such as likes, shares, comments and impressions, both on individual posts and as an overview of a social profile as a whole.

Buffer Social Media

Display Purposes

Display Purposes is a tool you can use if you have a client which shares content on Instagram. If you’re looking to increase reach on your posts, you may want to use hashtags to help your target audience discover your content. Instagram allows you to include up to 30 hashtags in the caption of each post, and it can be tricky and time-consuming to think up so many different tags. Through Display Purposes, you can input a hashtag that will fit your content, and it will generate additional ones to copy into your post’s caption.

Display Purposes Social Media


Agencies are increasingly utilising influencers to support their campaigns. You can find influencers for every industry, no matter how niche, and a large number of them at that. As a result, it can be difficult to find influencers that will be a good fit for your brand or campaign.

When searching for influencers, a common mistake is to simply look at a profile’s follower count. There are staggeringly high numbers of fake profiles across all social media, with Instagram a particular victim of this as people have the ability to buy followers for their profiles. To get a truer picture of the nature of a user’s following, you should examine the engagement on their profile – likes and comments on posts in comparison to the number of followers they have. A notably low engagement rate suggests that a user’s following consists of a large number of bots or inactive users.

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Rather than manually checking this yourself, there are free online tools such as Famoid which can do this for you. Famoid can retrieve engagement data regarding a particular Instagram profile simply from you inputting the username, with 1-3% representing a decent engagement rate.

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