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Case study: How Tennis TV aces Facebook monetisation

We’ve been looking at why Tennis TV has been so successful with generating revenue through Facebook in-stream ads and how other sports rights holders can optimise their digital strategy to also reap the benefits.

Tennis TV is the official streaming service of the ATP Tour. The subscription platform offers access to tennis matches from every ATP Tour tournament, along with more than 10,000 hours of on-demand content.

However, Tennis TV’s standalone platform is just one source of their revenue. The company also has a social and video strategy which allows them to benefit from Facebook’s monetisation opportunities.

Typically, Tennis TV will publish 3+ minute videos on their social media channels. With this long-form video content, Tennis TV benefits from improved video engagement, retention, and in turn, generates an increased revenue from in-stream ads.

Tennis TV has struck a fine balance between on-court action and engaging player-led content. Daily highlights of the latest action allow for fresh content, whilst long-form archive content from the ATP Tour archive allows for engaging throwbacks.

The publisher has also introduced fan voting capabilities, including shots of the year, moments of the year, and funnys of the year. This audience-first approach is great for long-form video engagement and significantly extends the reach of their videos.

In addition, Tennis TV broadcast Facebook Live videos of player practice sessions and on-court coverage after the matches. The live video, combined with interactivity features such as fan polling, benefit their average watch time and revenue capabilities.

For VOD content, the company leverages square-formatted videos to maximise the chances that a video catches a viewers' attention while scrolling. Square content takes up 78% more mobile screen than a 19x9 video to entice viewers in.

And finally, Tennis TV has set up cross-posting of videos with journalists, social publishers, and ATP players such as Andy Murray and Roger Federer. This ensures that content is distributed to a wide audience of both hardcore supporters and casual sports fans.

How can other sports rights holders benefit?

This video monetisation strategy can be replicated by any rights holder that optimises their social media pages correctly.

As a rights holder, you will no doubt have access to a bank of content which can be monetised with the right approach. Speak to Nifty today about how we can assist you with your social strategy and optimisation.

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