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Herd Media rebrands as Nifty Communications

Nifty Media Group is delighted to announce a refreshed Herd Media has been rebranded to Nifty Communications.

The rebrand is part of Nifty Media Group’s wider strategy to enhance their recognition as an owner of industry-leading media, communications and marketing organisations which each share the same principles, beliefs and culture.

Nifty Communications will continue to produce outstanding social media and public relations strategies for both its existing and new clients to provide the ultimate communications package. Existing customers have already been made aware of the rebrand and are supportive of the decision.

Christian Collison, Managing Director of Nifty Media Group, said: ‘We are excited to announce Nifty Communications as the new name for Herd Media. Although there is a little sadness to see the Herd Media brand cease, as it’s where it all started for us, as we’ve grown so have our services. Today Nifty Productions, Nifty Management and now Nifty Communications are all part of the Nifty Media Group, so we’re delighted to launch this new brand that sits alongside our other award-winning brands that are now recognised across the industry.’

Ross Greig, Development Director at Nifty Media Group, added: ‘We have big plans for the future of Nifty Media Group and it felt right to implement a rebrand of our inaugural organisation to suite the requirements of a forward-thinking, swiftly growing group of companies. Now we’re looking forward to a future under one, industry-recognised umbrella.’

Nifty Communications is a multi-faceted marketing and PR agency that fuels all its content, media and PR strategies on the latest Google data, meaning the organisation is able to capitalise on their target audience’s reactions to topical content and credibly position their clients within these conversations.

The new website for Nifty Communications can be found at www.niftycomms.com.

nifty communications is a pr & marketing agency with a difference. everything we do is fuelled by the latest Google data, so we position our clients in the centre of topical discussion through an integrated marketing environment called the niftyverse.

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