• Marc Luther Thomas

Abbie Gadd's new role at Wye Valley Brewery

BREWERIES may be traditionally male-dominated businesses, but at one Herefordshire beer specialist, women are taking the lead.

Wye Valley Brewery is delighted to announce Abbie Gadd as the new Head of Sales and Marketing, a role that is set to absorb her existing position as a Marketing Manager. 

The appointment sees Ms Gadd become one of three women holding higher-management positions at Wye Valley Brewery out of a possible five, something rarely seen in an industry that has been typically male-dominated. 

The new role follows her impressive track record overseeing the brewery’s new product development and marketing, during which time the brewery has seen a dramatic 30 per cent increase in sales.

Ms Gadd has been the driving force behind the brewery’s rebranding and development of new, award-winning products, while establishing fresh target markets. 

During her tenure, Wye Valley Brewery has also evolved into an eco-friendly brewery, with up to 55% of its energy now coming from renewable sources.

Recent awards recognising the Brewery’s eco-efforts include winning the Marches Blue Business Award for Water Efficiency. 

Wye Valley Brewery has also just been announced as a finalist in the Energy Efficiency category at the Footprint Drinks Sustainability Awards 2019.