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5 YouTube algorithm tricks every football club should know

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Videos are becoming more and more significant for connecting with fans, but not all football club marketing and communication departments are aware of the importance of YouTube and how it can engage a wider fan base.

In today’s blog our Communications Manager - Jamie - shares with you five YouTube algorithm tricks which every club should know.

The challenge with video marketing is the fact that the algorithm of YouTube is always changing. If you want to promote your content in a more effective way, you should know how the algorithm currently works.

These Youtube secrets ought to give you an edge over other teams' content and allow your videos to reach a significantly wider audience.

1) Uploading videos in multiple languages can harm your ranking

Although this is yet to become prevalent in the UK, many European teams have started to adopt a strategy of uploading multiple variations of a video in different languages. For example, Sevilla FC produces its YouTube content in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Japanese, Russian as well as Spanish.

However, did you know that YouTube actively recommends against uploading videos in multiple languages on the same channel?

Instead, YouTube suggests that you should create a separate channel for each language. This will also benefit your SEO optimisation and reduce any negative comments from confused fans watching the wrong video!

2) Changing titles and thumbnails of older videos can be effective

Changing a title or thumbnail does not inherently trigger YouTube to increase the impressions for a video. Instead, it’s all about how users respond to the change.

Varying the way your club’s content displays in searches and feeds can be a great way to generate more views. The YouTube algorithm works by promoting videos which have been actively watched and engaged with. Switching out a thumbnail could cause your views on a video to increase.

However, in general, making changes to a video is only recommended when your video has both a lower click-through rate and it’s receiving fewer views and impressions than usual.

Nifty top tip: Try using player-lead imagery in your thumbnails, rather than static frames from the video. This can be a great way to entice viewers in.

3) YouTube’s search prioritises relevance and performance

If you want your club’s videos to show higher in YouTube searches then it’s important to know how videos are ranked. YouTube search favours a variety of factors, but the most important is relevance and performance.

  • Relevance is how well the title, description, and content of a video match the user’s query.

  • Performance is related to which videos users chose to watch after conducting similar queries.

There are plenty of free and paid tools available online which will help you generate a higher relevance score through the use of keywords in titles and descriptions - ask google or speak to Nifty for advice.

4) Inactive subscribers do not affect your videos’ performance

A common misconception we often hear is football teams that are concerned about having a mass of inactive subscribers which are negatively affecting the performance of their uploads. Many people assume that because their click-to-subscriber rate is low, YouTube will punish them in the algorithms.

This simply isn’t the case. Instead, the YouTube algorithm focuses on how well a video performs in the context it’s shown. For example, the more people who see your video on their homepage and click through, the more YouTube will continue to recommend that content to other potential viewers.

If a subscriber doesn’t see your content then YouTube will not consider them in the algorithm.

5) There’s no magic watch-time number required for a viral video

How many times does my video need to get watched to display on the YouTube homepage? Does having 10,000 views on the first day mean YouTube will make our video viral? If I get views immediately after I upload a video, will it appear in people’s recommended tabs?

If your team has ever been given an answer to those questions, you’ve been lied to. There’s no particular threshold a video needs to meet before it starts getting recommended.

You may have noticed some of your older videos gaining momentum months after being published. This is because it’s common for users to show interest in old videos when a particular match is rising in popularity or viewers have gone back to watch previous highlights in preparation for a repeat fixture.

With this in mind, YouTube viewers’ homepages may feature some of your older content rather than your most recent. It doesn’t matter how many views the video has had in total or how it has performed at launch. There is no magic sauce to making a viral video.

We can help with your video strategy

Are you looking to build out your video strategy in the New Year? Speak to Nifty today about ways we can help optimise and monetise your video content.

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