• Marc Luther Thomas

5 Nifty Social Media Tips

Pretty much every business under the sun has a social media account these days. However, there’s a lot more to being successful on social media than just creating an account and whacking a few posts up. Here’s five Nifty tips for making the most of social media.

Engaging Content

It is essential that you produce a wealth of engaging content across all your social media. Having engagement such as likes, comments and shares on your posts increases a sense of authenticity and trust around your brand, meaning that when you reach new audiences, they are more likely to view you as a respectable business in your field. Furthermore, algorithms across the different social media platforms mean that the more a user engages with your content, the more likely they are to see your future posts.

Plan your social media content

You need to ensure that you are being proactive when it comes to your social media posts. This gives you the opportunity to identify key upcoming dates for your business or industry and drive engagement around these. You can use social media planning tools such as Buffer to do this effectively, through which you can also tailor posts for individual social media platforms.


While proactivity is key, don’t underestimate the importance of being reactive. By engaging with your audience, whether that be through comments or messages, you can build a rapport with them, encouraging them to engage with your content in the future. In addition, you should engage with thought leaders, influencers and journalists relevant to your industry as this will show that you are being dynamic and taking interest in the latest news and trends.

Capitalise on new trends

Such is the ever-changing nature of social media, there are often new trends to capitalise on, whether it be words, memes or features such as Instagram reels (make sure you check out our latest blog on this). By spotting and getting involved in these early it’ll give you the opportunity to reach a much greater audience.


Implementing the above steps stands you in good stead to boost your social media presence, but they’re not as effective if you’re not tracking their performance. As with any digital work, you should be constantly analysing your activities, as this enables you to adapt things when they slow down/stop working.

If you’re interested in social media management or any of our other digital services, get in touch with the Nifty team today.

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