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5,000 clubs at risk due to Covid-19

From grassroots football through to the professional rugby league - reports show more than 5,000 clubs are at risk of closure due to the severe financial impact of the coronavirus.

Former England goalkeeper, David James, has promoted a shocking report which highlights clubs’ incomes have reduced by 46% on average this season, with one in ten clubs losing more than 90% of their income.

Last week more than 100 sports bodies signed a letter to the government warning the Covid-19 crisis could lose a generation of activity unless acted upon.

Professional Rugby is one sport which has found it particularly difficult to adapt. When asked about the importance of Bath Rugby Club’s matchday income, Chief Executive Tarquin McDonal said: "It will vary, but 50 to 60 per cent of revenues come from matchdays.

“The longer that income doesn't come in - plus the costs of running a club and team with Covid-19 testing - the tougher it will be to survive in the medium to long term.”

Sports teams can be seen as the glue which binds diverse groups together. Sport connects us, creates communities, and provides a talking point in pubs and offices. If clubs were to go under it could have a huge effect on communities across the country.

I think it’s fair to say not much can compare to the frisson generated from a live matchday crowd. That’s ultimately what fuels the ambience of sport and Covid-19 has created a massive void where this once was.

Unless clubs overcome the challenges presented by these turbulent times they face the risk of extinction. I recently wrote a guide to paid digital sports content, but this only touches the surface of online revenue generation. From sponsorship through to subscription, there are many opportunities for organisations to explore new revenue streams.

Are you worried about your club’s future?

Nifty specialises in helping sports organisations deliver digital communications and wider activities such as sponsorship income.

Get in touch with the Nifty team today and let us help unlock new revenue streams during this challenging time.

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